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6 reviews for BUY FOR FRIENDS (4 PACK)

  1. Gillian Mahy

    Amazing frank and personal account of a deeply intimate journey – a beautiful triumph over desperate adversity

  2. Danni brewer

    Amazing and inspiring xx

  3. Kathy Petersen

    Having followed Taryn’s journey on Facebook I’m very excited to read her book…it’s bound to be very entertaining, raw and incredibly informative with all the things you didn’t even know you absolutely had to know. A real behind the curtains nothing-out-of-bounds read.

  4. Jan Leese

    Taryn’s in depth knowledge of both sides of the healing coin for cancer is amazing. She has you on the edge of your seat with intrique as she explains her own journey in such a fun, interesting, deeply touching, exciting and informative way. Add a sprinkle of childhood wonder as she explains her experiences in such a magical way that the scary story becomes one of inspiration and helpful facts.

  5. Lesa Drummond

    To know this woman is to love her! A warts and all story of her cancer journey will be like Taryn herself – always inspirational and endlessly entertaining. Buy this book for anyone who wants the unvarnished story.

  6. Kerry

    Taryn’s journey of taking on Cancer with Love has been nothing short of heart-moving and heart-warming. While conventional medicine is an important way to heal cancer, Taryn sheds a bright light on a road less traveled with some unconventional ways, that has me intrigued, fascinated and in awe of her authenticity and honesty. Taryn’s is courageous in sharing her wisdom with others in a bid to support those in the cancer healing journey and those that are supporting them! Bravo to this incredibly brave, honest, fun and loving human, for stepping out and up with her diaries that are raw and real experiences.

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